Consulting and R&D Services


Furness-Newburge, Inc. consults with foundries on the use of advanced oxidation techniques for reduction of air pollution, bentonite recycling, and the mathematical modeling of sand system properties that leads to reliable prediction of sand system operations. It also consults on other issues to optimize sand system controls and improve core room conditions and emissions.

Furness-Newburge, Inc. also consults on the use of advanced oxidation techniques for amine odor destruct, phenolic sand coating odor destruct and bio/scale control in water towers.


Furness-Newburge, Inc. has privately funded or participated in government funded R & D in many areas including, but not limited to:

  • Energy reduction by acoustic stimulation of molten metal in the mold to enable smaller risers and thinner walled castings
  • Increased use of low emission technologies
  • Gas storage well remediation
  • Crude oil viscosity reduction
  • Animal waste treatment and recycle