Hydroacoustic Sand Reclamation

Sonoperoxone® Pneu-Col® Hydro-acoustic Sand and Clay Reclamation.

Recycle clay and coal in wasted green sand and reduce costs. Recycled clay performs better than new clay

A hydro-acoustic sand reclamation system developed by Furness-Newburge, Inc. successfully reclaims green sand by removing and recycling the clay and carbonaceous residue from the sand grains. The process allows the silica sand to be reclaimed both for green sand make-up and for core sand. This reclaimed sand has been used at the rate of
100% to produce cores and castings of equal or better quality than those made with yet-unused “virgin” sand.

Using our proprietary Pneu-Col® sand classification system, the amount of sand purchased can be reduced by up to 90% while simultaneously, clay and coal purchases can be reduced by 40 to 60%. The foundry also saves money on reduced disposal costs with fewer trips to the landfill. Moreover, the process uses much less energy to reclaim the sand than other methods.

Sonoperoxone® Use of Advanced Oxidation (AO) Technology reduces or eliminates emissions

Dramatic reductions in smoke and odor are noticeable from the first use of Sonoperoxone® to reduce bond (pre-mix) consumption. This in turn results in significantly reduced green sand mold emissions at cooling and shakeout. Advanced oxidants clean the clay’s pore structure, thereby permitting better adsorption of water and additional organics from the casting cycle.

The advanced oxidants also activate some of the sand system’s carbon (seacoal) so a mold acts like a sponge to better adsorb volatile organic carbons (VOCs) that would normally be released as air pollution. Over time, reuse of the treated clay cuts the level of combustible materials needed to make quality castings. This reduction in new carbon
creates a sizeable additional reduction of related air pollutant emissions.